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Simon Studer

Simon Studer is specialized in Modern, Impressionist and Swiss Art. After graduating with a double Masters in Political Science and Art History from the Universities of Lausanne and Geneva, Simon Studer received a diploma from Sotheby's Works of Art course. For five years he worked in the Jan Krugier Gallery, in Geneva, where he was charged with managing the Marina Picasso Collection. He then became a co-director at the Daniel Malingue Gallery, specializing in Impressionist Art, before establishing his own company, LS Art Curators of Collections (1993) which would later become Simon Studer Art (2004).

Beyond being a consultant to well-known collectors, Simon Studer has organized important exhibitions with artworks by Nicolas de Staël, Alberto Giacometti and Alexander Calder for museums and cultural institutions in Italy, Norway, Switzerland and the United States. In Geneva he has directed major projects such as "Stairs" (2004) by Peter Greenway and the "Uni Dufour" international competition celebrating the two hundredth anniversary of private Bank Darier Hentsch & Cie (1996).

Simon Studer is actively involved in the Mamco foundation board (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Geneva). He is also the vice-president of the Foundation of Friends of the Jenisch Museum in Vevey, and between 2006 and 2010, he actively collaborated in the creation and development of the Gilles Caron Foundation, Geneva. Simon Studer is also on the board of directors for the company Displacement Solutions and is an active member in the Fondation Carène.

4ter, route des Jeunes  |  1227 Geneva (Switzerland)  |  T +41 22 544 94 00  |  F +41 22 544 94 01 art@simonstuderart.ch